Varda Kotler sings CD Recital
Review from Chronique Musicale
Edith Weber, Senior Professor
The Sorbonne University, Paris.

Recital REM 311326 X.C.D
Varda Kotler Soprano
Veronique Barraud Piano

Jacques Guillaubez Manager of the REM Recording Company is excels in his choice of performing musicians. Varda Kotler native of Tel-Aviv and graduate of the Academy of Music at the Tel-Aviv University, continued her studies in London, New York and Italy with renowned teachers, and conducts an international career. Veronique Barraud Graduate of High Music Conservatory of Geneva, has also accompanied the baritone, Francois Le Roux and the flutist, Michelle Debeau .
Together the two performers create an extremely balanced ensemble. They have a unique ability for creating and performing a variety of styles. Right from the start, the singer makes an impression with the pleasant tone of her voice, which can be quite dramatic when necessary. The pianist, with her considerate accompaniment, listens with sensitivity to her partner. Varda Kotler presents, with an Italian accent and style, a composition by Pergolesi and an aria from "Julius Ceasar" by Handel. In three songs by Mozart, the texts gain not only from the musical presence with its touch of tenderness, but also from the added dramatic emotion, all without harming the Poetic quality of the text. This is what makes this performance authentic. Mozart the French section on the CD includes 4 songs by Bizet, one of which is "Rose D'amour", performed with delicate precision, good taste and soul bearing, and just the right amount of each.
In "Pastel", the deep inner tension of the piece is emphasized. The difficult to perform "Vocalise Etude" by Ravel exhibits the vocal qualities of the singer precision, purity, brilliant high range and deep low range.
In "Metamorphosa" by Francis Poulenc, the performance is incomparable. The singer communicates emotions with her voice with brilliant virtuosity and fine intonations. She does all this without losing the ironic French sense. The Spanish madrigals by Rodrigo are performed in a melancholy, sensual and almost secretive atmosphere. The piano fills the role not only of accompanist, but also creates the mood. The CD is a model for intimate ensemble music a perfectly coordinated performance and a pleasure for lovers of lyric-artistic singing.

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