Varda sings CD Ben Haim
Review from : Actualite' Juive June 2004 PARIS

CD melodis
Paul Ben Haim

Paul Ben Haim, one of the greatest Israeli composers, was born in Munich. He died at the age of eighty seven years. A natural composer of melodies with marked European taste and style that are expressed in his work. Belonging to a family of composers, such as Hindemith and Lily Kraus, who plowed and fertilized the cultural soil of Zion.

The texts, that provided an inspiration to his work, are equally divided between the German culture (Morgenstern, Hofmansthal) and Hebrew poetry by Yehuda Halevi and Bialik, through the Spanish poetry without words. We are familiar with Ben Haim from the symphony of Tehilim (Liber Psalmorum) and the violin concerto, which was performed by the greatest artists, such as Isaac Pearlman, Leonard Bernstein and Zubin Mehta.
This collection supplements the horizons of his talent, soaring to peaks where the air is rare and pure. Varda Kotler sings delicately and with much charm, as a singing bird that flies out of its cage.
Jeff Cohen plays sensitively. The solo cello works are wonderful without flaw, with a thought of Kodai.

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Varda Kotler