Varda sings CD Ben Haim
Review from : Aurora
Aurora Date: 4.11.04
Reviewer: Chiquita Levov

Varda Kotler performs Paul Ben-Haim

These days a very special CD has come out. Soprano singer Varda Kotler with piano player Jeff Cohen perform German and Hebrew melodies by composer Paul Ben-Haim. The CD was recorded in Paris at Arion a company that always introduces high-level and interesting music and records. In Israel, the CD is being distributed by the Israeli Helicon company on the occasion of the composer's death 20th anniversary. This is a special and interesting project including a choice of vocal pieces for most of them this is the first-ever recording and the interpretation is exceptional.

Paul Ben-Haim immigrated to Israel from Germany in 1933. He lived in Tel-Aviv which was at the time an important cultural center. He created numerous works and was active and involved in all orchestras. He is considered a leading composer of Israel's classical music. His musical works were performed and recorded all over the world. The vocal works are the discovery of this CD. Varda Kotler who performs mostly in France and Switzerland tells us that this is her third album and being an Israeli this one is the closest to her heart. She tells how she found the songs in The National Archive in Jerusalem they were written in the composer's handwriting. She was amazed at the beauty of the music and poetic texts. She took pride as an Israeli in seeing Israeli music distributed in Europe by such an important European company as Arion.

The CD is recommended for the general public. It is intended not only for the audience of classical music lovers, but for all those appreciating artistic singing. The CD attracts by the elegance and beauty of its melodies and poetic texts as well as by the moving and inspiring performance.

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Varda Kotler